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Women Who Did It

These are just some examples. Not all of the women of course. Because in fact, there are millions of women who prove that women are just as good as man. If not better. Anyway, these are some of the most courageous women who have made the difference. Those who were first of their kind. Those who made things we now take for granted available to us. And we should all realize that. And thank them. So here they come:

1. Marie Curie – was awarded the Nobel Prize twice. She was a physicist and chemist and you probably know that she had to do a lot with radioactivity.malala-yousafzai-ftr__700

2. Malala Yousafzai – Pakistani activist fighting for education for women.women-who-changed-history-39__7003. The first female runner of Boston Marathon. Katherine Switzer ran the marathon in 1967. However, when organizer realized that a woman was running he did not like it.