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Will Her Vaginismus Completely Ruin Your Sex Lives Forever?

Or is there something you can do in order to stop it? Read and find out!

Vaginismus. The word itself probably sounds scary, right? Well, it kind of is. I mean a condition which causes pain during sex that you actually cannot control? Do you know about something worse?

Of course there are worse things. Vaginismus is definitely not something you would not be able to deal with. And do not worry it will definitely not ruin your relationship. Well, if you start doing something about it.

You cannot just continue living your life with vaginismus and pretend that it is not happening. Your girlfriend will definitely not want to have sex when it is painful for her and even if she does, it would be only for you. And you probably do not want that.

Do you? Well, in that case, get to work!


First of all, you need to talk to her. She cannot be dealing with this on her own, she needs your support. And you should give it to her! Encourage her to visit a doctor. Try to understand her and together, you should try to find out what is causing the vaginismus. Because, there is always a cause to every problem. And whether it is a trauma, stress, or an illness, you should try to figure it out!

Also, there are exercises she can be doing in order to fight vaginismus, however, visiting a doctor is probably necessary.

Just do not panic and do not assume that this is the end of the world because it is not. The truth is that there are worse things that can happen in a relationship. Vaginismus is definitely not something that should ruin it. But it will definitely test it. However, if you love each other and are willing to fight and do what you are supposed to, then there is no problem.

Anyway, good luck! Be a good partner and try to be there for her no matter what! That is all that matters.