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Why Does it Hurt During Sex?

Has it ever happened to you? Or is it happening to you right now? Well, painful sex is not something that should be happening, right? Sex should be amazing and you have the right to enjoy it, do not forget about that. Even though your body may sometimes be against it.

It is important to realize that sex should not be painful. And if it is, then you are probably having some problems. But do not lose hopes, every problem can be solved. Just keep on reading, and together we will find the solution!

  1. Vaginismus – you have probably heard of this condition. It is the most common cause of pain during the sex.
  2. Vaginal infections – well, if you think that you may have an infection, you should probably visit your gynecologist.
  3. It can be a problem with cervix. If the penis reaches the cervix it can cause the pain.
  4. Endometriosis.
  5. Cysts on the ovaries.
  6. PID – inflammation of the tissues deep inside.
  7. Ectopic pregnancy can also be a cause.
  8. Menopause – during menopause, your vagina becomes dry.
  9. STDs.
  10. Injury – this may be an injury from childbirth.

No matter what the reason of the pain is, a visit of a doctor is a necessity. There is not much you can do about your problem alone. Especially since there are so many possible causes. Just think about the pain, investigate it a little and then give your doctor a good description of what is going on with your vagina.

Just do not avoid sex simply because it hurts. That is not a solution and it will not help you fix your problem.

Instead, talk to your boyfriend and explain why it is that you do not really feel thrilled when the sex is brought up. You do not want a simple issue to ruin your relationship, do you?

Just do not be afraid and do something! Good luck!