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When You Only Cheat Once

Cheating is a huge mistake. It is absolutely unacceptable. And you should know it! However, we are only humans and we do make mistakes and so it may sometimes happen that we slip, even though we do not want to. And then we terribly regret it. And we feel bad. And our conscience cannot let us sleep. And we start to have doubts.

So, the problem is: Should you tell your partner about it or not?

It only happened once and you are not planning to do it again. The person was a stranger, someone you will never see again and your partner cannot find out about it because no one knows. Well, you could possibly go on without telling him. But are you sure that you can do it?

Well, this decision is up to you. But only do it if you are sure that you can. Telling him years later would probably not do any good.

Good luck!