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Traits That Guys Find Attractive

Do you know what the things that guys find attractive about girls are? Well, we do not mean the clothes or the looks or the makeup, we mean the personality traits. Those that make the women THE women. Would you like to know what these things are.

  1. A kind woman is a sexy woman. Men love kind women. However, this trait cannot be faked, so that is probably the beauty of it.
  2. They love when a girl is not afraid of the first move. It is so great and exciting for them. Seriously! Just do not listen to people talking about how man should be the one to make the first move.
  3. A positive girl. Nobody likes a negative girl who always complains. Yeah, you probably think it is sexy, when you pretend to be a girl who does not know what she wants,but actually, men prefer those who know.
  4. Being honest. A honest girl is the best girl.
  5. You are a good fighter. Meaning that you fight right, not that you fight all the time. Nobody likes to be in a relationship with someone who always fights.
  6. You can have your own time. And you really enjoy it.