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The Rules Of A Gentleman

We know that many people imagine a man from 18th or 19th century when somebody says the word “gentleman”, however, it is not what we mean. Every man should be a gentleman. Yes, even now! Here are some simple rules that will help you distinguish a real gentleman from just an ordinary man.

  1. Dress for occasion. A real gentleman always chooses his outfit carefully and he never dresses inappropriately. Clothes are always important.
  2. A real gentleman has good posture. He stands straight, he looks confident.
  3. A gentleman is never, ever rude to a woman. No matter what age she is.
  4. A gentleman opens doors for women, pulls out the chair for a woman, offers to walk her home, etc.
  5. A gentleman minds his language. Always.
  6. A gentleman never drinks too much alcohol or gets drunk.
  7. He is always on time or early, never late.
  8. And he gives women some good compliments.
  9. Gentleman pays on dates. Not all of them, but on the first ones. Or if he asks the woman out.
  10. A conversation with gentleman is always meaningful.

Well, all you have to do now is try to find a real gentleman! Good luck!