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The Manicure Mistakes You Are Making

If you want your manicure to be always flawless, then you need to stop doing these mistakes. I mean, you are a lady, right? You are not allowed to do this! And you probably do not even want to, so here is a list of mistakes that need to be avoided!

  1. You make a mistake when you are cutting your nails. You cut too much of them and then when you file them they are totally weird. Do not use the scissors often. Only when your nails are too long. And even then cut only half of them.
  2. Do not trim your cuticles, instead, just push them while you are in the shower.
  3. Filing your nails in back and forward motion is another mistake you are making. Only choose one direction.
  4. Your nails are not clean when you apply polish on them. There should be no oils on your nails, otherwise, the polish will not stick!
  5. Make sure you apply your polish on the tip of your nail. If you do not, the manicure will chip.

So? Do you know how to make your manicure flawless? We hope that these tips will help you make your manicure perfect!