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Painful Sex: Is it Normal or A Sign of Sex Life Trouble?

If you are struggling with pain during the intercourse, then you should read this article and find out what is causing it!

Imagine that you were to spend a night with a guy. And that you were really, really excited, however, something, you did not expect to happen ruined the whole evening for you. What could it be? Well, painful intercourse can really kill the mood. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, right? Not something that causes pain. Then why is it not enjoyable for you? Is it normal? Should you feel this way?

Well, these are probably the questions you are asking yourself. And you are right to ask them because, pain during intercourse is really not something you should get used to. Experiencing pain during the intercourse is something you might want to investigate a little. Why? Well, take a look at what are the possible cuases of it!

  1. The most frequent and the easiest problem to solve is that you are not that into it. You might need some more time to get aroused and to be able to enjoy the sex. Do not rush it. Foreplay is important, so, do not do it if it hurts. Wait a little, be patient!
  2. You are not wet. Well, this is quite a problem, however, it can be solved with a lubricant.
  3. You are not relaxed. You have too many things to do and worry about and you simply cannot forget about them. So you just go to bed even though you do not feel like it. And the pain occurs.
  4. Perhaps you do13-041130-how_to_date_a_sarcastic_woman not match. Your partner may be too big for you or you too tight for him. That just happens.
  5. Genital infections. They can also
    be the cause of the pain. Be careful!
  6. Endometriosis.
  7. Menopause. Your vagina is changing during the menopause and it might cause the sex to be painful.

Well, as you can see pain can be solved, however, it should not be ignored. If it hurts, then it has a reason and you should try to find out what the reason of the pain is. Because pain during intercourse is not normal and you should try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Remember that!