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Lazy Holidays Beauty Hacks

You definitely need these beauty hacks these holidays! Seriously! They are absolutely awesome and so simple. Just read and find out yourself!

Simple smoky eyes: this one will take like two seconds. Just apply shimmer shadow over your top and bottom lash line. Then Blend the edges. And that is it!

Illuminator can act as an eye shadow and cheekbone highlighter.

If a little of your mascara smudges alonf your lash line, do not remove it, just carefuly blend it in. It will give your eyes the smoky effect you have been hoping for.

Apply glitter liner over your normal liner. And you have a perfect party look!

Create perfect smoky eyes with your finger dipped in cream eye shadow.

Use anything with straight edge to help you create a cat-eye easily.

Just apply a light makeup and bold lipstick. There is nothing else that you need.

Apply brighter lipstick in the center of your lips.