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How You Are Making Your Hair Thinner

Do you think that your hair is too thin? Well, it may be your bad habits that are making your hair thinner. And if you want to stop it, then you need to stop doing these things:

  1. Taking a hot shower that is too steamy. Hot water dehydrates your strands and causes your hair to fall out. The best thing you can do is take the temperature down. Just a few degrees.
  2. Hot styling tools damage the protein in your hair and cause the hair to fall out. Limit the usage and use heat-protection spray. And, the lowest temperature possible.
  3. Starving yourself is definitely not doing anything good for your hair. And that is why you should not do it! Healthy and balanced diet is the best you want!
  4. Agressive towel-drying and brushing the wet hair is also causing some damage. You have to treat your hair right.
  5. Tight hairstyles. They are definitely not doing anything good for your hair.
  6. Using too many styling products that are too “strong.” Softer products are always a better choice for your hair.
  7. Brith control pills can also cause your hair to fall out.
  8. Scratching your scalp is also bad for your hair. You can solve it by using the right shampoo that will relieve the itch.
  9. Not washing your hair often.