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How To Overcome Power Struggles

Here are some tips on how to overcome power struggles in a relationship. We guarantee that if you follow these tips, you will find it much easier to deal with problems in your relationship.

  1. Set goals. Focus on what is important for both of you and forget about the small things that are not important at all.
  2. Do not manipulate each other. Forget about competing, work together instead!
  3. Talk. Talk about everything because communication is the key!
  4. Estalish the rules and also the roles so that you both know what each of you does and is responsible for doing.
  5. Learn from the couples who make it work.
  6. And if you cannot figure it out yourselves, then ask for professional help.
  7. Spend some time apart. Take a day off and stop struggling.
  8. Think about yourself and your life. Are you where you want to be?
  9. Start doing new things together!
  10. Do not go against each other, be a team.
  11. Let things go. Do not hold on to the things that happened in the past and that should be forgotten.