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How To Make Sure That You Will Never Forget Anything Again

If you want to improve your memory, now it is the right time! As the new year starts, the opportunity to make some positive changes is now bigger than ever. Meaning, than at any other time throughout the year. So, get ready, and start fresh. How? Well, check out these tips!

  1. Start with making everyday things easier for you. Instead of always putting your phone, keys, wallet, etc. just anywhere in your apartment, find some proper space for them. Buy a box that will be right next to the door. That way you will never forget to take all you need with you.
  2. When meeting new people, focus on remembering their name. Do not let yourself get distracted while they are introducing themselves. Also, imagine something that will help you associate the person with their name. This way, you will avoid the awkward situation when you need to ask the person to repeat their name like a second after they introduced themselves.
  3. Make associations. With everything.
  4. Make up a story if you need to remember a few things that you cannot get into your head.
  5. Play games. Those that will help with the concentration.
  6. Exercise on clothing of other people. Remember one piece of clothing your boss, coworker, or whoever you met was wearing that day. Make notes. Then try to recall this piece of clothing before you go to sleep. Can you remember all the details?

Good luck!