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How Those Who Do Not Like Fashion Feel

fashion2Most girls love fashion. That is a fact. However, there are also those who have their own style and do not really care about what is hot right now. Or, they simply do not care about clothing at all. I know, you perhaps do not understand how it is possible, but just let me show you what these girls think about fashion.

Girls that do not like fashion prefer comfort. They would never wear uncomfortable high heels for the price of swollen feet.

They simply think that some fashion trends are just crazy. And they are tired of how fast fashion trends are changing. They do not know how to keep up!

They also hate shopping. But when they finally get to do it, it does not last long.

They do not care about designers and they do not care about fashion magazines either.

Simply, they do not like anything that has to do something with fashion.

Are you a girl who does not care about fashion?