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End Your Relationship

How do you know that now it is the time to end your relationship? Well, in case you have doubts, we are here to help you. Just look out for these signs and you will immediately know how you stand. Good luck!

  1. You argue all the time. About everyting. You basically cannot even go a day without having an argument. And the worst thing is that you never really seem to find a solution.
  2. You are annoyed with your partner. Nearly all the time. To be honest, you are only rarely not annoyed with the things that he does.
  3. You find everything you used to like about your partner terribly annoying. And you cannot even explain it to yourself.
  4. You do not really care about what they think about you.
  5. Neither you do care about losing them. Actually, you only wait until it happens.
  6. Either you do not respect your partner or your partner does not respect you. Well, this is bad and it means only one thing.