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Do You Know What The Dirtiest Spots In Your Kitchen Are?

How often do you clean up your kitchen? Well, after reading this, you will probably clean it up more often than you did. Why? Because there are some spots in your kitchen that are incredibly dirty. And these spots are probably not those you consider being the dirties. Do you want to know which spots we mean? Well, then continue reading!

  1. The sink. There are millions of germs in your sink. That is the reason why you should clean your sink every time after washing raw meat, vegetables or pet dishes. Properly! And do not forget about disinfectant.
  2. Dish sponge, dish brush, etc. You should replace these often, otherwise, there is no use in washing your dishes.
  3. Your hands when you are cooking and opening every single cupboard. Wash your hands regularly.
  4. The coffee maker. You need to clean it with vinegar once in a month.
  5. Refrigerator, the handles, light switches, stove knobs. They all get incredibly dirty. You should wash them regularly.
  6. The garbage can. Wash your can once a week in shower.
  7. Your counter. You need to disinfect it regularly!
  8. Microwave oven. Wipe it with disinfectant.

Just get to work and your kitchen will be clean as never!