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Christmas People You Are Definitely Going To Meet

What are the types of people that you meet every Christmas holidays? Well, we know! Do you? Of course you do. But just to help you prepare yourself, we have created a list of the people that you are definitely going to meet these holidays!

  1. A girl you used to know but never were that close with. And now she wants to catch up and go for a coffee! Well, what sould you do, go or not go?
  2. You meet your old crush. The crush hat never knew you existed and now it is your chance to look absolutely stunning and to make them jealous. Or to finally start dating him? Well, who knows.
  3. Your old BFF with whom you are not friends anymore. Well, this one is going to be a little awkward.
  4. A relative ou absolutely hate and cannot stand. But have to, now that it is Christmas.
  5. And of course your friends. People with whom you actually want to hang out. And that is absolutely awesome! Because not all people are bad people, ainĀ“t that true?