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What Kind Of Alcohol Should You Be Drinking?

If you are trying to lose weight, you should know that alcohol is not helping you do that. Actually, it contains lots of calories, that are, let´s be honest, useless! Totally! However, we know that not drinking alcohol can be quite difficult and for some

Better Sleep

Try these ten things in order to get better sleep at night! If you want to get better sleep, you need to set your bedroom to a “sleeping mode.” Keep it dark, cool, tidy and fresh. Remove things that are keeping you awake. Do not

Women Who Are Happy With Their Lives

We all know that woman: she is happy, always smiling, never complaining and makes everybody feel good in her presence. How is she doing it? How can she be always so happy? Well, if you want to know her secret, just read on and you

Your Morning Routine

Your morning basically effects your whole day. How you wake up, the breakfast you have and the first things you do in the morning are very important. And it is in your power to do make the best of your morning! How? Just follow these

Myths About Fat

So you have been thinking that not eating fat will actually make you lose fat, haven´t you? Well, you were wrong. Because the fat you eat is actually not the same fat that your body stores. And that is something you should remember. Perhaps, it