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Spin Class: What Is It Really Like?

So you have decided it is finally the time you start doing something with yourself. And the thing that comes to your mind is Spin Class. Well, think twice. And before you actually accidentally turn up to your first class, read this please. Just so

The Smelliest Fruit In The World

At first, let´s break it down. Do you know what the smelliest fruit in the world is? If not, let me introduce to you a fruit called Durian. Have you ever tried it? Well, you would probably not like it. At least not right from

The Life Of A Germophobe

At first, let me ask you a question: Do you know who is a germophobe? Well, let me help you, just in case that you cannot reacall the answer right now. Germophobe is a person who has patological fear of germs and contamination. Well, now

Can Boyfriends Shave?

Shaving one´s legs is different from shaving one´s face, right? And we know that shaving face is probably more difficult (well, it is a face afterall) but shaving someone else´s legs is not easy, is it? I mean, all the pressure to do a good