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Are You Dating Or Are You In A Relationship?

The signs that you are only dating and not being in a relationship:

  1. There is nothing serious going on between you two. You only see each other occasionally, have fun and nothing more.
  2. If you are texting more people at the same time, you are probably not in a relationship.
  3. It does not always have to include sex. Sometimes, when you are only dating it can mean that you are only dating.
  4. You do not see each other regularly. And you do not miss each other that much. You are quite happy with the amount of time that you have for each other.
  5. You do not talk about serious things. It would just cause confusion.

The signs that you are in a relationship:

  1. You made it official. Your friends know, you know, he knows.
  2. You are not seeing anybody else. Neither is he.
  3. You think about the future. Both of you.
  4. You feel betrayed when your partner hurts you.
  5. Sex means much more than it did when you were not in a relationship.
  6. You know his friends and he knows yours.
  7. You have emotional connection. You know that you really care about him and you see that he cares about you.