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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Things We Regret Doing In A Relationship

If you want your relationship to work then you should definitely try to do everything you can in order to make that happen. And that is the reason why you should try avoid doing these things in a relationship. Because you will only end up

How To Overcome Power Struggles

Here are some tips on how to overcome power struggles in a relationship. We guarantee that if you follow these tips, you will find it much easier to deal with problems in your relationship. Set goals. Focus on what is important for both of you

Christmas People You Are Definitely Going To Meet

What are the types of people that you meet every Christmas holidays? Well, we know! Do you? Of course you do. But just to help you prepare yourself, we have created a list of the people that you are definitely going to meet these holidays!

End Your Relationship

How do you know that now it is the time to end your relationship? Well, in case you have doubts, we are here to help you. Just look out for these signs and you will immediately know how you stand. Good luck! You argue all

Traits That Guys Find Attractive

Do you know what the things that guys find attractive about girls are? Well, we do not mean the clothes or the looks or the makeup, we mean the personality traits. Those that make the women THE women. Would you like to know what these

Lazy Holidays Beauty Hacks

You definitely need these beauty hacks these holidays! Seriously! They are absolutely awesome and so simple. Just read and find out yourself! Simple smoky eyes: this one will take like two seconds. Just apply shimmer shadow over your top and bottom lash line. Then Blend

When You Only Cheat Once

Cheating is a huge mistake. It is absolutely unacceptable. And you should know it! However, we are only humans and we do make mistakes and so it may sometimes happen that we slip, even though we do not want to. And then we terribly regret

My troubles with sexual drive

I had been coming and going to doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists for well over a year now but with no results to show for it. I just couldn’t find my sexual drive no matter what I tried. The doctors told me a number of things