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Myths About Fat

So you have been thinking that not eating fat will actually make you lose fat, haven´t you? Well, you were wrong. Because the fat you eat is actually not the same fat that your body stores. And that is something you should remember. Perhaps, it


Can These Guys Code?

Coding is not easy. Especially for those who know nothing about it. However, if you posses all the necessary knowledge and you try hard and learn a lot, you will probably learn it Or not? Well, just take a look at these guys trying


The Life Of A Nanny

Have you ever been babysitting? Well, we do not want to put you off or anything, but it is not always ideal. You have to realize that taking care of someone else´s children is probably not as very easy. And sometimes, those kids can really


Are Compliments That We Give Actually Creepy?

How many compliments do you give people in a day? I know, there are people who never give compliments, but those of us who want to receive compliments know that we also have to give them. And so we compliment our friends on their new


When You Go Hiking With Your Kids

You simply have to be prepared when you want to plan a trip with your kids. And I am talking about any kind of trip. However, you have to be especially careful when it comes to hiking. Because going hiking with kids, that is never


Is Tossing Of Food Fun?

Have you ever tossed food into anyone else´s mouth, or face? You know, just like they do in the movies. Would it not be fun? Although, it would probably be a huge wasting of food. Anyway, let´s not focus on that. Let´s focus on the


Spin Class: What Is It Really Like?

So you have decided it is finally the time you start doing something with yourself. And the thing that comes to your mind is Spin Class. Well, think twice. And before you actually accidentally turn up to your first class, read this please. Just so


When You Are Terrified To Go To Gym

Not everyone is naturally confident and not afraid of trying new things. Especially, when it comes to hitting gym for the first time. You have probably been fighting this fear you feel whenever you imagine yourself buying a season ticket and really going for it.


These Foods Will Make You Want To Eat Them All!

Do you know what a comfort food is? Honestly, I have to admit, I have not heard of comfort food before. But now I know that it is a food which provides sentimental feelings to the consumer. What would be yours? Something your mom always